engagement & couples

I love...LOVE ♥...seriously. capturing it, watching it, inspiring it and everything that goes into it.

reasons to do an engagement shoot There are many reasons to have engagement photos taken: pictures for invites and/or save the dates, photo guestbook, wall art for your new home, and proof for your future grandkids that you were in fact young and attractive. Also it allows you to get to know your photographer, their style of shooting and get comfortable in front of the camera before your big day.

advice in general Lighten up the mood. When in doubt kiss. Pretend I'm not there. Remember YOU are my model so don't feel silly. Have fun, relax and let me take care of getting awesome shots.

have a vision I love it when people have a vision, idea or style in mind. Does your wedding have a motif, style or even colors you'd like to stick with? Style ideas can come from anything- your favorite store, a TV show, other photos you've seen, a time period, etc. If you don’t have a specific idea, it's totally fine. Start by thinking about the type of backgrounds you want to have. Do you want city backdrops or nature? Is there a place that is special to you two? All of these things can help in picking a location and deciding on what style of clothes to bring.

what to wear I LOVE color, patterns, and accessories. I'm sentimental- wear your grandmother's engagement ring on the right hand or the first piece of jewelry he gave you. Every shoot is different and feel free to bring more than one outfit. Be bold, but stick with your style, wear something you feel comfortable in. If you aren't sure, bring options and I'll help you choose.

maternity & miracles

maternity It took until I was 38 weeks pregnant with my THIRD to get the courage to have maternity pictures taken. I get it... you feel big, struggle to shave your legs much less pose, you're not totally convinced you are "glowing". Today they are some of my all time favorite pictures of me and treasured by my little girl who reminds that's when God put me in Mommy's tummy.

newborn I could honestly sit around hold, snuggle, and sniff a newborn all day. I love how they melt into you, their peeling skin, lips and see so much character in every single one I meet.

Tips for your newborn session

• In terms of scheduling, please let me know your due date or if you have a scheduled birth. Please contact me soon after you deliver, so we can arrange a time for the session. Ideally the session should take place within 5-10 days after birth and no longer than 2 weeks.

• The session will take place at your home – PLEASE do not worry about the state of your house. You just had a baby!

• Loosen the baby’s diaper about 30 minutes before the session. This allows time for the diaper’s imprint marks to disappear.

• Keep your house warm. Ideally, you’ll want the thermostat set around 80-85. For the adults it will be hot, but the baby will be warm and happy. I will bring a space heater as well. It serves as soothing white noise and localized heat.

• Collect any items you want used in the session beforehand – family heirlooms, toys, monogrammed blankets, knit hat, props etc.

• Make sure the baby has a full belly before I arrive. Also do your best to keep the baby up prior to my arrival. We will want them ready to nap for the session.

• Be patient. It is a calm, patient process.

• Copy, paste, and view this link for additional helpful information and insight! http://video.today.msnbc.msn.com/today/36261260#36261260