engagement & couples

engagement & couples

I love...LOVE ♥...seriously. Capturing it, watching it, inspiring it and everything that goes into it.

There are many reasons to have engagement photos taken: pictures for invites and/or save the dates, photo guestbook, wall art for your new home and proof for your future grandkids that you were in fact young and attractive. Also it allows you to get to know your photographer, their style and feel comfortable in front of the camera before your big day.

Advice in general: Lighten up the mood. When in doubt kiss. Pretend I'm not there. Most importantly have fun, relax and let me take care of getting awesome shots.

I love it when people have a vision or style in mind. Does your wedding have a motif, style or specific colors? If not, don't worry start by thinking about the background. Do you want a city/urban backdrop or nature? Is there a place that is special to you two? All of these things can help in deciding on a location and clothes to wear.

What to wear: I LOVE color, patterns, and accessories. I'm sentimental- wear your grandmother's engagement ring or the first piece of jewelry he gave you. Feel free to bring more than one outfit and wear something you feel comfortable in. If you aren't sure, bring options and I'll help you choose.